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Liberal spending hurts future

Re: Ron Horner’s letter “Scheer no different than Ford” Oshawa Express July 17, 2019

To the Editor,

With the federal election fast approaching, the fear-mongering of those opposed to a Conservative federal government is on the rise, due to the controversial policies of the current provincial government.

The credit card became popular in the late 1960s and 1970s, and Baby Boomers such as Ron Horner have become obsessed with submersing themselves into debt that they will have to pay off later. Now, they are insisting on governments maxing out their credit cards, but sticking my generation with the bill.

Despite the hate against Doug Ford, the reason Ontarians are in their current situation is because Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne could not figure out how to be responsible with tax dollars. All they did was spend, and Ontarians now have to pay for it.

We are in more debt than the state of California, to put it into perspective. Sometimes tough decisions need to be made, but it is up to us not to put ourselves in such a position by voting for somebody responsible.

It is the job of people like myself to ensure we control our own futures, not by the wrongdoings of Ron Horner and the Baby Boomers.

Horner’s mindset is shared with the NDP, who are insistent on sinking Canada into debt like the U.S., and Justin Trudeau, who thinks that budgets balance themselves.

We must elect Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives to mitigate the damage done before our fiscal situation spins out of control like it did here in Ontario.

Alyshah Velji