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Beer Store model is working

Dear Editor,

The Beer Store system is not subject to American-style facade consumeristic, failure plain and simple.

The Beer store is a neat, efficient, well-regulated chain of 450 locations in Ontario, with 7,000 employees working for more than 30 Ontario-based brewery owners.

If it’s not broke why try to fix it (or unfix it?)

The 87 per cent beer container recycling rate by the Beer Store is an unprecedented effort in environmentalism, partnering with conscientious consumers.

Another great thing of note is that three million IDs were checked and 30,000 minors refused beer last year.

How are these impressive statistics going to be remotely matched by “corner-store retailers” if Mr. Ford continues with his “loose and sloppy” U.S. service model.

I so urge the Beer Store conglomerate to fight tooth and nail, to preserve this disciplined system that has been with us for so very long in a so-Canadian environment.

It’s like a “comfy” shoe of satisfaction that simply fits.

Cheers to efficiency.

R.M. Hues