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Letter writer wrong on guns

Dear Editor,

Ron Horner’s lack of knowledge about firearms and firearms ownership is certainly clouding his judgment.

Mr. Horner thinks it is ridiculous to believe that armed congressmen could have prevented the assault against them. Who does he think actually stopped the attack- wishful thinking and prayers?  The attack was stopped and the assailant killed by two plain clothes Capital Hill police officers who were part of Congressman Scalise’s security detail. Without the armed security detail the congressmen would have been slaughtered with no way of defending themselves as they hunkered down in the first base dugout.

If some of the congressman were licensed to carried concealed weapons and, with the proper “shoot – don’t shoot” training, it is possible that a lot fewer people would have been shot and  they would have had some means of defending themselves had the security detail been killed or seriously wounded.  Had the gunman know that the congressman were armed then he might not have attacked at all – although the he was such a left-wing nut job that it would be difficult to say.

Congress persons with concealed carry permits does not bother me much beyond a concern as to how they would keep their track pants up as they ran the bases with a Glock pistol tucked in their waist band. A much better option would be a ankle holster with a snub-nosed .38. Less firepower but at least you’ll keep your track pants up.

Mr. Horner is right in one respect – if a gunman rushed your house with guns blazing a firearm would not do you much good – unless of course you knew you were under threat and had the weapon at the ready when they entered your house. However, having a firearm readily available in your home in self defence situations is illegal in Canada.

Besides, if you shot a gunman in self defence while he was invading your home it is more than a likely that you would be arrested and charged by the police.  The criminal’s family would then collect a handsome settlement in a serious injury or wrongful death suite awarded by Canadian courts. You’re better off keeping your doors and windows locked and installing a good close circuit camera system. These steps don’t offer much protection but at least the authorities might be able to identity your assailants once you’ve been buried.

Curt Shalapata