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Guns saved Scalise’s life

Dear Editor,

Re: Letter to the Editor June 21/17.

It amuses me how the progressives spin what took place at the political baseball charity baseball game in the USA a short time ago.

The man that was shot by this left wingnut, Mr. Steve Scalise, holding the office he did required he be in company of armed aides.

Thankfully he was, or there may have been many more shot at random, because there would have been no return fire at all.

Many Republicans, and they were all Republicans shot at, because the shooter verified who they were beforehand, owed their life to the fact that these aides were armed.

If this had of been Democrats shot at, I am sure you would hear loud and clear, that Donald Trump is somehow at fault because of his “tweeting”, not the lack of “gun control”.

No mention of the Facebook pages full of hate for Republicans from the shooter and his twisted views. Just chock it up to “gun control” and leave out the rest.

Typical! By the way, Chicago has some of the strongest gun control laws in the country. How is that working for them?? Highest murder rate in the land! Innocents cannot legally shoot back!

Russ Horner