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Letter writer not surprised by strong reaction to CO2 stance

Dear Editor,

It comes as no surprise that my letter to the editor from Feb. 28 would get a reaction from Mr. J. Peate.

He seems to be a “hired gun” for progressives that scan any media reports from any so-called “climate deniers” that fail to follow in lockstep with the  narrative that mankind, (not peoplekind, Mr Trudeau) is responsible for any change in climate because of too much carbon dioxide.

As history has shown us, over millennia there has been and will continue to be climatic change, whether mankind walked the earth at those particular times in our history or not.

I will agree with Mr. Peate that there probably is more CO2 now because of all the thousands of acres of rain forest being clear cut or burned every year to enable growing of crops or raising domestic animals for food for an ever increasing world population. These rain forests acted somewhat like a heat sink would, in absorbing much of the CO2 in the atmosphere. Now that those forests have been decimated for years, the trees that absorbed much of the CO2 are gone forever.

As far as Mr. Ron Horner and his nasty rebuttal goes, it sounds like he is so naive that he still believes every thing that is printed in the newspapers is the gospel! He does not yet realize that this is just a scam to raise taxes in the insane belief that politicians can fix the weather if you just give them more of your hard-earned money!

I guess he has yet to understand what now is commonly called “fake news”.

Time will show that all the commotion and fear mongering that progressives are famous for will amount to a nothing burger.

Junk science will in the end be shown for what it is. Junk.

If Mr. Ron Horner believes so strongly that carbon dioxide is the clear and present danger to mankind, maybe he should do whatever he can to help alleviate the situation, namely, stop exhaling, as it is a known fact that every time humans exhale, they produce more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Just a suggestion, as I am sure he would love to help lower all the, what he considers, deadly toxins in our world?

Russ Horner