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Letter doesn’t tell the full story

Re: “Is GM abandoning Oshawa?” Aug. 24, 2016

Dear Editor,

In his letter, Gord Vickers argues that the latest round of GM and Unifor bargaining is GM “…putting a gun to a taxpayers’ head…” as a means of ringing concessions from the various levels of government in Canada. What he fails to mention is that it is also Unifor who is always pushing governments (and therefore the taxpayer) to make concessions to keep their high paying, semi-skilled unionized jobs in Canada.

Unifor is forever preaching that the Canadian and Ontario governments must develop a “auto industry strategy” so that the auto companies and Unifor can continue to suck on the taxpayers’ teat.

Vickers also fails to mention the long-term impact of the Trudeau government’s national price on carbon, combined with Ontario’s sky rocketing price for electricity and the Wynne government’s plan for a cap and trade system. Neither Mexico nor the US have carbon pricing, nor are they stupid enough to introduce one.

GM is a business, not a social agency, and its principle objective is to maximize return for its shareholders. It is little wonder that GM may choose to move their operations to a right-to-work American state or even Mexico.

Curt Shalapata