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Keep the sidewalks clear

Dear Editor,

We have now had our first major snowfall of the season. Most people are doing what they are supposed to do in wintertime, but some are not!

What I would really like to know (if somebody has an answer) is who is responsible for clearing the snow from in front of businesses that are not occupied. I do not know this, but if the city is responsible for this, then over the years they have been doing a below quality job. It is hard enough getting the shops that are occupied to remove the snow from in front of their buildings and the city is not setting a good example!

Some of the businesses that are only open in the evening think that they do not have an obligation to remove the snow timely because they put down ice melter and that is enough. Handicapped people have a right to have a sidewalk cleared of snow so that it makes it easier for us to get around.

For the first and maybe even the second snowfall, they are forgiven, but people have 24 hours to clear the sidewalk in front of their homes and businesses! Can we start enforcing this or is this going the same way as red light cameras?

Ron Horner