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Is Ford really listening to the public voice?

Dear Editor,

A politician is a creature who lives not on bread alone, but principally by catchwords.

By RLS (1850-1894).

The current premier of Ontario continues to announce that he has the responsibility of tackling the $15 billion deficit inherited from the previous party in power. At the same time, we must be aware that for every $1 raised in revenue by the current government a total of 10 cents is absorbed by interest on debt.  So the reader can figure out the simple math of reducing the deficit by $4 billion each and every year of the current mandate that expires in the year 2022. And magically you have a $1 billion surplus entering the next election. If the premier reneges on his wishful thinking or promise, then he may go directly to jail and not pass GO and forfeit the $200?

Over the last eight months or so the premier has made no tough decisions. Why unnecessarily consult and review everything from health care to education and social assistance and final municipal interference to reduce costs. Again a ‘buck-a-beer’ marketing scheme is an example of a schnapsideeh (A German word for “an impractical idea which seems brilliant when one is drunk”) gone wrong. And the price or revenue generated from 25 ‘weed stations’ in Ontario is still a mystery. What revenue streams are apparent to offset the 10 per cent on cost of debt everything that you do?  No prudent measurements are brought on the government that is communicated to the voting public as of yet eh?  A tough decision might be a 10 per cent reduction in Doug Ford’s salary of $208,974 to which is about $21,000 in change each year!

One previous writer claimed that Ford was not to be blamed for tough decisions?

A fool often fails because he thinks what is difficult is easy and a wise man because he thinks what is easy is difficult? Which one is it? It is easy to cut programs affecting the vulnerable and marginalised in health care and education. Hey there, Doug Ford, are you really listening to the voice of the public?  What did the all previous and current premiers collectively learn from kindergarten?

And, so who then let these dogs in? A $700,000 pending savings on the 1.5 per cent cut in Ontario Works based on 10,000 participants living in Durham only.

The $7000,000 is only a conservative estimated by the following calculation.

Based on a benefit of $343 for basic needs and $71.00 for a special allowance for a bedroom by Ontario Works assistance. My increase of $6 from a total of $408 represents approximately the 1.5 per cent as outlined by the provincial government. It was originally was to be a three per cent reduced to 1.5 per cent.

An $6 extra per month amounts to $72 per year based on my benefit and multiply that by 10,000 participants making total pending savings of $720,000, but I provided a lower estimate of $700,000 which was very conservative. This depends on what common denominator you would use.

And so a $70 per year savings for each of the 10,000 people the Durham who received OWA benefits and that would be $700,000. This is a only an estimate assuming everyone made $414 a month and not the maximum allowance of $706 per month for those who qualify. I was given a verbal estimate of 10,000 people by a caseworker with OWA in

This cost savings has already been exhausted by hiring two staff to navigate apparent efficiencies that can be derived from merging services from the province to the municipal level. The killing of the basic income pilot support may be prudent at a first glance, but it has dampened any individuals or family to gain entrepreneurial spirit to take advantage of the open for business in Ontario.

“There is no art which one government sooner learns of another than that of draining money from the pockets of the people”. (Adam Smith 1723-1790)

Stewart Cameron