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GM naming track after Col. Sam McLaughlin

(Photo courtesy of GM Canada)

By Dave Flaherty/The Oshawa Express

GM Canada’s test track currently under construction will be named after the company’s founder, Col. Sam McLaughlin.

The company announced the 55-acre outdoor track will be named the Canadian Technical Centre (CTC) McLaughlin Advanced Technology Track.

Work has already begun on the facility, which will be located near Phillip Murray Avenue and Stevenson Road in south Oshawa.

It will be used for autonomous and advanced vehicle testing, and is expected to be fully-functional by spring 2020.

The track is part of a $170 million agreement the company announced to offset the impact of the impending closure of the Oshawa assembly plant.

Oshawa Mayor Dan Carter believes the track will “demonstrate to the world that Oshawa continues to be an innovative city and proven leader in transformation, technological advancements, and partnerships in the transportation and automobile industry.”

Carter said naming the facility after Col. Sam McLaughlin is a “perfect way” to honour the city’s “rich automotive history.”

McLaughlin founded the McLaughlin Motor Car Company in 1907, later merging into what became General Motors of Canada in 1918.