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Get ready for winter driving

The province is calling on drivers to ensure their cars are ready for the winter season.

The province is calling on drivers to ensure their cars are ready for the winter season.

With snow having already rolled through the city and the final month of the year upon us, the province is reminding drivers to plan ahead and stay safe on the road this winter season.

“We’re already seeing snow in parts of the province, which means that it’s time for everyone to start preparing for the winter driving season. Ontario has some of the safest roads in North America, and we’re committed to improving our winter maintenance operations now and for the future,” states Steven Del Duca, the provincial transportation minister, in a news release.

“Drivers can do their part to keep our roads safe by planning ahead, driving carefully in winter weather and staying well back from working snow plows.”

The province is advising drivers to get a maintenance checkup ahead of cooler weather, as well as assemble a winter survival kit that can be kept in the car, which includes gloves, booster cables, windshield wiper fluid, first aid kit, torch, snow brush, candles, safety vest, and a water bottle.

The province is also recommending that drivers put winter tires on their car, which allows for better traction, braking and vehicle control. If these tires are installed, drivers can take advantage of the winter tire insurance discount.

On the road, drivers are advised to drive according to weather conditions.

“If visibility is poor, use your vehicle’s full lighting system,” a news release from the province reads.

“Remember that bridges, overpasses and shaded areas freeze first, so watch for parts of the road that look black and shiny — they may be icy. Drivers can expect to see snow plows and other winter maintenance equipment before, during and after a snowfall so be sure to stay well back and never pass a working snow plow.”