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Get out and enjoy

(Cartoon by George Longley)

There really is nothing quite like Fiesta Week in Oshawa.

There’s delicious food, great music and entertainment, and more importantly, there’s community coming together.

Hit any of the 14 pavilions open throughout the week and you will find a common thread. While the smells and tastes and sights and sounds may all be different, the sight of many people coming together to enjoy our multicultural city will be the same under each roof.

It’s one of the strengths of this city we call home. A history rich with multiculturalism and immigration, Oshawa has become a mosaic of different cultures. And while that mosaic can be seen throughout the year, the colours never shine brighter than they do during Fiesta Week.

This openness and acceptance is something to be cherished and celebrated today more than ever, especially in a world where stories of division and hate have become commonplace. It’s time to show the other side of that coin, the side that shines with positivity and inclusiveness.

Hopefully, as Fiesta Week continues into its 45th year and beyond, and the city continues to grow, more and more cultures will join the fold and use this wonderful opportunity to showcase their own native foods and traditions.

So, whether your taste is for Greek, Italian, Serbian or Caribbean, whether you’re a savoury lover or a dessert lover with an endless sweet tooth, make sure you get out there over the coming week and enjoy everything that Oshawa’s culture has to offer.

Happy Fiesta Week everyone!