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Ford not to blame for tough decisions

Dear Editor,

In answer to the question put to your readers in the Jan. 30th edition, by Mr. Ron Horner, “Who voted for Doug Ford”?  I did!

Plus a few million more taxpaying, voting age citizens of Ontario last spring. In case you had not heard yet, you lost.

Ford won a majority, and I for one am certainly not regretting that choice yet, probably never will. The 90 per cent of people of this province that you claim you “heard on the news the other day” that think he is doing a terrible job would be most of the progressives such as yourself, who hate to see any of the “free stuff” disappear.

You can put the blame for that where it belongs, at the feet of 15 years of Liberal incompetence and waste, attempting to buy votes with our own money. That may appeal to you, but not to hard working taxpayers who must foot the bill for all the special interest groups demands placed on the Liberal Party.

We cannot go on indefinitely putting our grandchildren on the hook to pay for all the perks that people expect after being spoiled by hucksters in office buying votes in the hope of keeping power forever. We are paying a $1 billion a month in interest here in Ontario for nothing.

Think of what that money could buy for the benefit of all of us in this province, or how much less tax we all would have to pay to meet this obligation!

This does not even cover the interest we in Ontario must pay in interest for our share of the national debt. That is in addition to the $1 billion wasted here every month.

That is mainly the fault of another spendthrift by the name of Trudeau, who is doing his best to plunge us into debtors prison forever, because he seems to think the budget will balance itself. He has never had to live within a budget, so does not understand how it really works.

You claim any Premier can find $6 billion in savings? Really? Dalton McGuinty or Kathleen Wynne certainly never did, or we would not need the services of the fix it man, Doug Ford now.

You claim “the cuts in tuition mean nothing, when everything else is fast on the rise”. Things will be rising faster on everything still in April when Trudeau slaps a carbon tax on us. Don’t blame Ford for that. In case you have not heard, he will be fighting to stop this attack on our wallets by Ottawa.

By the way, I think it is a great move by Ford to make student fees optional, such as joining a student union. Why should students be forced to join a union, when they are supposed to be there to learn a skill, not be indoctrinated by the left on how to hate anything conservative.

It seems that some student unions are nothing but petri-dishes to grow resentment, and protest against our way of life.

Why should students be forced to participate and use their tuition to subsidize the far left?

Bravo for Ford. Bravo for freedom of choice. We need more freedom in this country, not less.

Russ Horner