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Enough of the madness

Dear Editor,

There has been another two mass shootings this weekend, one in El Paso, Texas with 20 dead and another outside a nightclub in Dayton, Ohio where nine people were killed and 26 injured.

I have been watching the American news since Saturday, and most of the news has said that since Donald Trump is and has been so anti-immigration that the 21-year-old mass shooter is now going to be charged with  hate crimes along with other charges. The entire world is watching what is happening in the US and I just cannot believe what has and is happening.

This president is the most dangerous president in the entire world. He has nothing on Nixon. In fact, I personally would rather have had Nixon than Trump as president. Every country including Canada should be on their toes because there is nuclear threat from Russia and China. I hope something can be done about Donald Trump – and very quickly or we will be in for a war.

Ron Horner