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Emergency reporting begins at 8 a.m.

Dear Editor,

Yesterday, my credit card was compromised by an unauthorized purchase made online.

I was notified by the credit card company via email this morning, which is a service I enjoy, which emails me about any transactions made by me, or anybody on my card, about this transaction that had taken place.

It also said if I did not make this purchase, then I should contact the credit card company at the number on the back of the card, which I did immediately. This was at 7 a.m., and I had not even had my morning coffee yet.

I felt it was too important to let it go til later.

After jumping through all the hoops with account numbers and passwords, I finally reached a human being, and told him why I had called.

He said, “Oh, I will transfer you to security.” After being transferred, I listened to a voice mail message, stating that they, security, do not open till 8 a.m., and hung up on me.

I immediately called the number on the card again, and had to jump through the hoops again to reach a human. I told him what had transpired.

He said I will give you a direct number for security that I can call after 8 a.m.

I said why are you on duty for general duties when security is not til 8 a.m.?

He did not have an answer, he just apologized.

After 8 a.m. rolled around, I called this direct number and was put on hold for 15 minutes til a human picked up.

I do not know if they were that busy at 8 a.m. or just had not finished their coffee yet? Although I had not had mine yet either.

At any rate I had this purchase cancelled, and the card also of course, and will now have to wait some time for a new card.

It seems so preposterous to me that the number on the back of the card is not this direct line to report things of this nature, and why we should have to wait til 8 a.m. for an emergency reporting.

Russ Horner