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E-cyclists a danger on the road

Dear Editor,

I do not drive, I walk and cycle.

Two dangers that I confront daily are E-bikes and drivers in a rush.

E-bikes are not insured nor need a drivers license to operate. After viewing an OPP YouTube site I learned that E-bikes are supposed to follow rules that cyclists use.

Why are they riding on the roads like real motorcycles? Most do not drive responsibly and because they are quiet one cannot hear them

I have had my elbows nicked multiple times both walking and cycling.

The DRPS does not enforce the laws regarding these E-bikes.

My second issue is at the major intersections downtown, some motorists will drive between groups of people forcing myself and others to jump out of the way or stop walking to avoid getting hit.

I have twice this year been “brushed” by bumpers, and I often help people older than myself cross safely.

I have had to walk three to five feet slowly so elders can cross without fear.

Often a DRPS car is parked at the corner and this doesn’t stop more aggressive drivers.

This is the first email/letter I have written to any newspaper. With hope maybe one day your paper will write something about these dangers.

I am a member of the Seniors Centre and have listened to others voicing the same.

For what it’s worth, thank you for reading this.

Robert S. Brown