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Durham eyes service employment lands

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

Lower-tier municipalities have identified areas of priority for the region as part of Durham’s employment lands servicing project.

Municipalities proposed 16 areas in all, but after consideration by regional staff, six of them were determined to already have parcels adjacent to regional water and sanitary sewer services, and thus didn’t qualify.

There are 10 priority areas up for evaluation by regional staff, with Oshawa having the most with three.

Staff from Oshawa have asked the region to consider two sections of the proposed Oshawa Northwood Business Park and two parcels of land near Highway 407.

The report given to council indicates regional staff will be undertaking a detailed review of each priority area. They will evaluate aspects such as the scope, cost, and timing of any project, the resulting amount of lands which are next to water and sanitary services, other services available, and other local services which may be needed, such as roads.

The first section of the Oshawa Northwood Business Park is located north of Bickle Drive to Conlin Road to the south, and Oshawa Creek in the east to the Whitby boundary in the west.

The second section is the lots next to Stevenson Road on the east and west sides, between Conlin and Taunton Roads.

The Highway 407 parcels are 13 acres and 15 acres each, and are north and south of Winchester Road West, east of the intersection at Thornton Road.