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Durham basketball league making big jumps

The Durham Men’s Basketball Association (DMBA) has nearly doubled in size over the last year jumping from four teams to seven. (Photo courtesy Jonathan Knarr)

It’s been a big year for the Durham Mens Basketball Association (DMBA) and things are only looking up for the young league.

Over the last year, the league has grown from just four teams to seven in the 2016/2017 season, just shy of their goal of doubling in size set last year – and according to league founder Jonathan Knarr, the pace and competition has really picked up on the court.

“Once you go to a bigger league, you kind of measure yourself and realize you’re not as good as you think you are,” he says with a laugh.

Knarr started the league three years ago, setting out to meet the needs of a number of people in the Durham area who were looking to play basketball, but had nowhere else to turn.

With its roots as a church basketball league, Knarr says they are looking to reach out and expand more in the coming years.

“We’re expanding, we’re trying to meet the needs of guys within the league and trying to do a little bit within the community,” Knarr says.

Most recently, the league hosted its annual tournament in support of Oshawa’s Eating Well, which also saw three additional teams take part along with the staple seven of the DMBA. In total, approximately 100 players took to the court on March 19, helping to raise nearly $1,000 for the food bank. Knarr says the league receives great support from the community, particularly from Trinity Pentecostal Church and Kingsway College where their games are played.

For more information on the DMBA or how to join, call Knarr at 905-995-2999 or visit