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Drivers, slow down for construction

With warmer weather and sunnier days coming to Durham Region, more construction workers will be out working on the region’s roadways. Because of this, drivers are being advised to take it easy in construction zones.

The regional works department is calling on all drivers to slow down and proceed with caution through construction zones, or areas where workers are present.

“Construction season has just begun and we are already experiencing issues related to motorists driving dangerously. Drivers making U-turns to avoid construction zones—such as the work on Brock Road in Pickering—can be extremely dangerous,” states Susan Siopis, the region’s director of transportation and field services, in a news release.

“In order to protect the safety of workers, other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, please slow down and proceed with caution on roads where construction or maintenance is underway. Thanks to everyone for your patience and co-operation as we work to improve the regional road network as safely and efficiently as possible.”

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