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Don’t support self-checkouts

Dear Editor,

Re: The future of customer service (Nov. 6)

Ron Horner maybe read previous letters to the editor in various print publications regarding the loss of full-service cashier lanes in favour of automated do-it-yourself checkout terminals.

Upon talking to some of the cashiers at Walmart on Laval Drive regarding some concern that jobs were being phased out at checkouts, they quickly indicated that Walmart has, in fact, hired extra staff to assist customers at the self-checkouts.

I’m not sure how they do the math on that, and whether some brainwashing has happened, but time will tell what the end result in employment numbers and purpose of all this is.

Perhaps the Oshawa Express should investigate this confusing phenomenon happening at Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, and other grocery chains etc.

I find it hard to believe it’s all with the employees’ best interest at heart.

I will not support stores that don’t have full-service cashiers – never.

I refuse to do their jobs for them in favour of employee replacement.

People, speak up and help stop this smoke and mirrors.

R.M Hues