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Council committee members selected

Members for Oshawa city council’s standing committees have been selected.

Oshawa city council held its first meeting of the 2018-22 term this week and hashed out the members of its standing committees.

The Community Services Committee will be chaired by Rick Kerr and vice-chaired by Derek Giberson. Joining them will be John Gray, John Neal, and Bradley Marks.

Marks will serve as Corporate Services Committee chair, joined by vice-chair Jane Hurst, Giberson, Neal, and Brian Nicholson.

Development Services Committee will be chaired by Tito-Dante Marimpietri and vice-chaired by Rosemary McConkey. Other members include Bob Chapman, Hurst, and Kerr.

The Finance Committee will be chaired by Gray and vice-chaired by Nicholson. Joining them will be Marimpietri, McConkey, and Chapman.

Chapman will also serve as Deputy Mayor, having defeated John Gray by a vote of 6-5. Chapman was supported by Kerr, Giberson, Marks, Hurst, and Mayor Dan Carter while Gray received votes from Neal, Marimpietri, Nicholson, and McConkey.