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“Common sense” is needed

Dear Editor,

Not sure about the rest of of you, but I for one, have just about had all I can stomach concerning this big lie being perpetuated by the media, academia, and most politicians running for office in this country.

I am referring to of course “global warming,” “global cooling,” or “climate change” now more recently labeled a climate emergency.

Scary stuff, at least for the gullible among us, and millions of children who have been told they will die in about 12 years if they do not convince their parents to pay much more in taxes to corrupt governments to save mankind, at least here in Canada

Every time there is a weather event in this country, the usual suspects begin the same old tired refrain about the need for “action” and much higher taxes.

The people telling you this stuff are not real scientists, just politicians and others that can benefit from spreading hysteria.

In the real world, many greenhouses pump more C02 into the environment as the plants they are growing thrive on it and produce bigger yields and blooms.

It is the gas of life. Without it the plants and us would die, and long before 12 years likely.

If there was a real “climate emergency” there would be no more recreational air travel. None. Yet, we see all the time fast talking politicians, and many Hollywood types who seem to think they have a lock on this subject, and are so called “experts,” always flying all over the world telling us we are doomed if we do not listen to them.

Trudeau spends more time in the air than he ever did in the House of Commons.

Climate change is real. That is a given. It has taken place since the Earth was formed, long before man walked on it. So quit blaming man for what is happening, but do prepare for the results of it. Quit building on flood plains, upgrade storm sewer systems to handle the increased load, and stop razing rain forests, they provide lifegiving oxygen for all of us and absorb C02  in return.

Of course we need to cut back on pollution wherever we can, dumping billions of litres of raw sewage into our waterways comes to mind, but C02 is not pollution. It is a needed lifegiving gas.

The only politician that I know of who has not jumped onto this “climate crisis” agenda is Maxim Bernier and his People’s Party of Canada.

Upon reading their election platform I came to the conclusion that this, dare I  say it, sounds like “common sense.”

Of course, whenever any politician is sounding like common sense, the media and the other mainstream parties automatically label them as alt-right, far right racists, or suffering from many types of “phobias”. In the US., Hillary Clinton would probably call them the “deplorable.”

Why not just read about their policy platforms and you be the judge?

Russ Horner