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CO2 is essential to life on earth

RE:  Too Much CO2 Is Clearly a Pollutant John Peate, 7 March 2018

Dear Editor,

Now I have heard everything – CO2 is a “toxic pollutant”.  This is incredulous!  Does this person not know that CO2 is absolutely essential for life to exist on planet earth?

The normal level of CO2 in the atmosphere is about 400 parts per million.  A higher level is not detrimental; it is actually beneficial to life.  Greenhouse operators increase the level of CO2 to between 1,000 and 1,200 ppm to optimize plant growth and plant health.  Saying that CO2 is a “toxic pollutant” is insane and very revealing.

“Man made” CO2 causing global warming is not exactly “settled science” – anything but.  See the five minute video by Dr. Bill Happer, PhD for an understanding of why “man-caused” global warming is not exactly “settled science”.  Search it on YouTube, “Bill Happer, PragerU,  climate models”.  Happer is an Adjunct Professor of Physics at Princeton University having over 50 years professorships in physics at Princeton and Columbia universities.

The global warming alarmists are driven by politics, not science. Their drive is sourced in the extreme left and their purpose is to politically control us.  “Political correctness” is another strategy they use.  We won’t let them get away with it.

Stephen Korn, P.Eng