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Canada gun laws are strict, but can be better

Dear Editor,

This should not affect us but it does. There has been another mass shooting in the U.S and this time it was teenagers that were killed.

There have been 18 mass shootings’ in the U.S since January 1 of this year!! The news media has not reported them all because they deem other stories more newsworthy. (I think!)

First we had Sandy hook where 26 children and adults were murdered, then there was the nightclub shooting in Florida where 50 people were also murdered!.

Then we had 58 people murdered in Las Vegas because they wanted to go to an outdoor concert to hear some music. I do not have to go on.

There are some people in Canada that lobby for more lax gun laws like they “have in the States”. I would not like to live in a country that has gun laws like the U.S because I would not want to live in a place where you must look over your shoulder or be constantly afraid that “that person might kill me for looking at them”.

I have always said that people are allowed to have their own beliefs about gun control or for that matter anything. No more. We have very strict gun control laws in this country and the laws should be even more strict than they are.

God forbid we should become like our neighbor to the south! I know this is going to sound strict but Japan has very strict gun laws. They want to know why you want a gun. You have to pass a medical, you have to pass a mental stability test and you must pass another written test before you will even be considered to be allowed to purchase a gun. Now they really know their stuff.

There are a lot of gun owners that behave responsibly when it comes to weapons but there are also a lot of illegal guns that people use. Please use your own sense of what is right and what is wrong when it comes to any weapon.

Ron Horner