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CLOCA warns of dangers near bodies of water

Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority officials are warning the public to be aware of rising water levels and potential flooding as spring draws closer. 

Spring is approaching, and that means rising water levels and flooding are once again sweeping across the province.

Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority (CLOCA) is reminding residents of the dangers that exist near bodies of water, particularly around this time of year, and is urging people to keep family and pets away from the edges of all waterways.

Warmer temperatures bring rain, melting snow and ice, all of which contribute to dangerous conditions of slippery streambanks and higher, faster flowing water in watercourses.

“Snowfall in the CLOCA watershed is slightly above the seasonal average and the ground remains frozen with some ice cover on local creeks, rivers, wetlands, ponds and lakes,” states Holly Whittington, environmental engineering technologist.  “We want everyone to enjoy the warm spring weather safely.”

​Whittington advises to stay safe this spring by remembering to keep family and pets away from all bodies of water, avoid all recreational activities in or around water, stay off roads closed due to flooding and do not attempt to drive or walk through the water, it can be fast moving and deep.

Finally, those who have property on the water, or live near water should move outdoor furnishings and other objects away from the water’s edge so they are not washed away downstream.

For more information, contact CLOCA at 905-570-0411.