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Climate change claims defy logic

Dear Editor,

John Peate has packed so much hysteria and fake news into his letter on climate change that it is difficult to know where to begin. Some of his claims (wars, famines, heatwaves etc) are so off the wall that they defy any logical response . You would have to believe that there have never been wars, famines and heatwaves at anytime in the past to in order to accept the intellectual trash he is supporting. However, some claims are simple wrong or deliberately misleading.

For example, the godfather of climate change, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) itself admitted in its 2015 report that there had not been any observable increase in the earth’s temperature for the past 18 years. Climate change alarmists have been desperately trying to disprove the 18 year temperature pause ever since. This includes the North American Space Agency (NASA) with its claim that 2016 was the hottest year ever recorded with an increase of .08 degrees Celsius . This “fact”, which is well within the margin of statistical error,  from an organization who has refused to share its raw data and methodology with any outside organization including the U.S. Congress. NASA is hiding its research because it cannot substantiate the claims of climate warming.

Second, the Paris Agreement was not “made” because of some awaking to the reality of climate warming but rather it was seen as a chance to fleece the developed countries  while comforting the liberal guilt complex felt by the leaders of western nations, including Obama and Trudeau Jr. While placing no limits on major carbon emitters like China and India, it’s attempting to hinder the economic growth of the developed nations while shipping billions of  our tax dollars to third world countries. Meanwhile, developed countries like Germany and Japan move rapidly to coal fired electrical generation while Canadians are engaged in endless squabbles over whether or not we should build pipelines to get our oil to market.  What fools we are. The truth is that the Paris Accord will have absolutely no impact on climate change.  The sooner we following President Trump’s example and withdraw from the Paris Accord the better.

Finally, what is most frightening about Mr. Pleate’s letter is his attempt to shut down any debate on climate change and his belief that media outlets like the Oshawa Express have a duty to refuse to publish anyone who questions the religious orthodoxy (not science) of the climate alarmists. It is a fine example of the fascism of the left. Those ‘climate change mongers’ who threaten, bully, intimate, file suit against and jail (if St. David Suzuki had his way) anyone who might challenge the ‘climate gods’. We still have a free press in Canada and while left wing outlets like the CBC and the Toronto Star may refuse to publish anything that questions the climate change fraud we still have media outlets like the Oshawa Express and the National Post who have not yet surrendered. Good for them.

Curt Shalapata