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City needs to consider all options

Dear Editor,

We understand residents’ frustration in not knowing about the future of FarmTech Energy Corporation at the Port of Oshawa. However, FarmTech and the Oshawa Port Authority are currently in arbitration. Those who are familiar with this process know that neither the OPA nor FarmTech are permitted to discuss it until the matter concludes. When it does, the outcome will be made public.

Yes, members of the public deserve to know about the future of their waterfront, which does not hinge on FarmTech. Given that the city has a vast stretch of waterfront that could be developed, why focus exclusively on building homes beside a port that supports a variety of industry, including salt, potash, steel, a sewage treatment plant, cement and asphalt facility? It seems remiss not to consider all of the options, including residential or commercial development at any number of waterfront locations. This makes sense given that the mayor and city have pledged to encourage the port’s expansion and development as part of the 2010 Settlement Agreement.

It’s not unreasonable for the public to expect full disclosure from local politicians on proposed plans and costs for waterfront development. It’s no more unreasonable than asking for reporting and editorial comment that’s fair and balanced, based on all the facts, rather than such a predictably narrow, biased view.

Gary Valcour

Chair of the Oshawa Port Authority