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CBC focus on Omar Khadr questioned

Dear Editor,

Having Omar Khadar on a Montreal talk show, on the CBC, especially on Easter Sunday , especially as hundreds of Christians were being slaughtered while attending churches in Sri Lanka by Islamic terrorists, something Omar knows a lot about, is disgusting to say the least.

On top of that, to give him a standing ovation. For what, murdering  an American medic, with two young children, that was there to help save this trash?

This is the same convicted terrorist that was given over $10 million by his comrade in arms Trudeau.

The same Trudeau that told one of our disabled troops who lost a leg fighting these same terrorists that they are asking for more than the government can give.

What a disgusting odour this whole situation has.

I presently have a fine young step-grandson serving in Canada’s military, but I really  do not know why anybody would sign up to protect this country when they are treated like trash and the enemy is rewarded and given a standing ovations, plus millions of taxpayer dollars.

You have heard the old cliche, “something is rotten in Denmark”. Believe me, something is really rotten in Canada when we witness this terrible tragedy on our state taxpayer funded broadcaster, CBC.

October 21st cannot come soon enough. Karma will be sweet indeed.

Russ Horner