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Carter wins easy

By Dave Flaherty/The Oshawa Express

The city’s incoming and outgoing mayor each rolled to relatively easy victories in their respective races in the 2018 municipal election.

According to unofficial results as of 9:45 p.m. on election night, Monday, Oct. 22, Oshawa voters elected Dan Carter as the city’s next mayor with 69.39 per cent of the vote.

The city’s tightest race was in Ward 4 between Rick Kerr and Doug Sanders for the regional seat, with Kerr winning by less than one per cent (69 votes).

In Ward 1, incumbent John Neal returns as regional councillor, while Rosemary McConkey earned the city spot.

In Ward 2, former city and regional councillor Tito-Dante Marimpietri will return to a regional seat, while Jane Hurst is the city councillor.

In Ward 3, Bob Chapman downed John Shields in a tight race for the regional seat, while Bradley J. Marks was voted in as city councillor.

In a crowded field of 10 candidates, Derek Giberson emerged with 23 per cent of the vote to win the seat of Ward 4 city councillor.

In a close three-way race, Brian Nicholson defeated Nester Pidwerbecki and Kim Beatty to take the Ward 5 regional seat, while former mayor John Gray took nearly 60 per cent of the vote for city councillor.

In the race for regional chair, outgoing Oshawa mayor John Henry took 73 per cent of the vote across the city. Overall results for the regional chair race are not yet available due voting system issues caused in Pickering, extending the voting deadline until 10 p.m.