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Carbon tax needs to be reworked

Dear Editor,

Ontario citizens are rightly angered over the high price of gasoline due to Premier Kathleen Wynne, and the NDP for that matter, supporting a carbon tax.  But it is much worse.  That tax will raise the price on all manufactured goods because it is a tax on everything.

If the Liberals and the NDP were truly on the side of the environment and taxpayers, they would support a revenue neutral carbon tax which would give income tax reductions to those citizens paying a carbon tax.  As it is we suffer a tax grab for government revenue with little effect on the environment.  It is even worse that China, India, and the United States do not have a carbon tax at all.  Prime Minister Trudeau, Premier Wynne, and the NDP Party are determined to bring in a carbon tax that will cause serious harm to Canadians trying to make ends meet, forcing many to have to choose between buying extremely expensive electricity or food and medicine.

The Liberals and the NDP promise virtual paradise if they are elected, but in reality they are selling impossible promises just to get elected.  Do not believe their bill of goods.  Their platforms are disastrous  to ordinary Canadians.

Nothing is free even if they say it is.  Do not fall for their snake oil promises.  Examine them before you vote.  You deserve better than what they are saying.

Chris Topple