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Bring back night court

Dear Editor,

I see that all the provincial justice ministers are meeting in Quebec to try and figure out a way to end the backlog of cases that has resulted in murderers, rapists, and other violent offenders receiving a get out of jail card, because of too much time has elapsed by the time they would have got to trial.

Two words: Night shift!

Millions of hard working Canadians work two or more shifts to get the job done on time at their respective occupations. Why do our justice system employees, lawyers, judges, clerical, think they are above that type of thing?

We deserve protection from violent criminals, and they in turn, deserve a speedy trial.

The present system is unfair to both, especially any innocent people charged with an offence that they know did not commit! They may be released because of this broken legal system, but still carry the stigma of being released only because of a technicality.

Why do we have many empty courthouses all night long, with the lights still on mind you, but nobody home?

I bet night shift is never discussed at this meeting of the minds as a possible solution! I don’t think they would ever consider it. They have an air of superiority above the rest of the great unwashed.

They will go on releasing violent criminals into our midst instead of hiring more lawyers, judges and their support staff to clear up this backlog, and utilizing empty courthouses, because they seem to think they are well above ordinary folks who must do what is necessary, including giving up their evenings to complete a job and earn a living.

Russ Horner