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Liberals have no credibility on hydro

Dear Editor,

For 14 years, the Wynne Liberals have driven Ontario into an energy crisis. Now they’re desperate right before an upcoming election to distract from their legacy of families in energy poverty and businesses shuttering their doors and windows.

The Wynne Liberals detailed some measures of their hydro plan in the budget, which they suggest will magically lower electricity prices, but Ontarians won’t be fooled.

Every single time the Liberals have touched our electricity system, they’ve made it worse. This time will not be an exception.

Rather than putting the costs of their expensive scheme in this year’s budget, the Wynne Liberals made the choice to bury it in the obscurity of the Ontario Power Generation Budget.

To be clear: the Liberals’ hydro scheme is nothing but a shell game that moves money around by putting a huge burden on future generations. Children and grandchildren will be paying for the Wynne Liberals’ mistakes 30 to 40 years down the road.

What’s most clear is that already unaffordable hydro rates will go up again starting in just four years. This scheme also does nothing to address the root causes of this Wynne Liberal hydro crisis – the Green Energy Act passed by the Liberals and NDP, expensive bad energy contracts handed out to Liberal donor companies, exorbitant executive compensation in the energy sector, and the fire sale of Hydro One.

The Ontario PCs wrote to the Finance Minister prior to the release of this budget and asked him to consider all of these measures. It is clear he did not listen, and unfortunately despite the rosy predictions of this budget, hydro rates are only going to continue to soar in the near future. A Liberal is a Liberal, after all.

Only the Ontario PCs are willing to address the roots of Ontario’s hydro crisis.

Lorne Coe

MPP for Whitby-Oshawa