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Blunders abound on Trudeau India Trip

Dear Editor,

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has returned from his embarrassing trip to India, a nation with a 2,000 year history, a 1.3 billion population, and the fastest growing economy on earth.  Before the trip he was already rebuked by media there for appearing to sympathize with a movement to partition India in favour of an independent Sikh state in the north.  As a result he was received there by lower ministers.  Incredibly, a Sikh Liberal supporter in Canada who was convicted for shooting an Indian cabinet minister visiting Canada in 1986, was part of Mr. Trudeau’s entourage to India and was invited to a state dinner there by a Liberal MP and approved by the Prime Minister’s Office, being photographed posing with Mr. Trudeau’s wife during the trip.  This was an insult and an affront to Mr. Trudeau’s Indian hosts.  The invited terrorist was removed by Indian officials, not Canadian.  Mr. Trudeau and his family were also criticized for over-dressing in elaborate Indian costumes each day and posing for photo-ops all week.  Mr. Trudeau has a penchant for verbal gaffes and missteps, often speaking without thinking.  The shine appears to be waning for him in international circles.  Such is also the case here in Canada, with massive deficits, carbon taxes, excessive spending, and poor job creation.  In addition Mr. Trudeau does not help his image by equating returning ISIS fighters who committed war crimes in the Middle East to refugees fleeing the second world war.  He also threatens our democracy by declining federal funding for student summer jobs and day camp offered by churches unless they affirm Mr. Trudeau’s belief in unlimited abortion.  He also has assumed that he has the authority to render the English and French languages as gender neutral, when he has no such authority.  Canadians need to recognize that our rights are being eroded under Prime Minister Trudeau, who stated he will change the face of Canada.  It is happening before our very eyes.

Chris Topple