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Birds of a feather don’t always fly alike

Dear Editor,

Recently, the Canadian Geographic publication held a contest to choose a national bird for Canada (seems to be it was the best kept secret in the birdhouse).

Even more stupefying is the common loon and the snowy owl, both of whom have adorned our currency past and present, finished ahead in the voting over the third place finisher, the gray jay. However, it seems the gray jay is the winner, beating out even the blue jay, Canada’s baseball team’s moniker. Wow, unbelievable!

There is a glimmer of hope before this drably plumaged gray jay becomes our national aviary icon – it has to be ratified by the federal government, specifically the Ministry of the Environment. Let us put a stop to this ridiculous process as undemocratic as it appears to be.

The public should now decide properly with regard to the blue jay, the Canada goose, snowy oil or others. That’s how Canadian democracy should work! This whole thing has got me in a flap.

R.M. Hues