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Assault weapons for hunting? Really?

Dear Editor,

I think that I can safely say that we here in Canada are sick and tired of having shootings in Toronto nearly every weekend. I once read a letter that the writer was glad he lived in Canada with our very strict gun laws. For a while there, he thought that we were going to become the United States of Canada because of all the gunplay we have been having.

Just three days after the terrible shooting in Orlando, the gun lobby in Canada says that our gun laws are too strict, and an MP comes forward saying he wants a ban lifted on assault rifles, especially the AR15, so that people can go hunting with them.

That statement is truly laughable. Who would hunt with a rifle that is solely produced to kill? These rifles are not for hunting if you want a trophy head or to eat an animal. If a person were to start shooting an animal with one of these guns, the animal would be obliterated!

Our gun laws are not strict enough and this “clown” thinks they deserve to be less lenient. Say anything you want about Justin Trudeau and his Liberals, but personally I am very happy that the Liberals are there and I hope they make the gun laws in Canada even more strict! The person that killed all of those young men in Florida was able to buy an assault rifle because Congress let the ban lapse in 2004!

Ron Horner