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Emergency repairs cost $132k

Some emergency repair work to a watermain leak came with a high price tag.

According to a report included in the May 5 council information package, the emergency work came with a price tag of just under $132,000. The work, done at Bloor Street and Wilson Road in February, a 150mm cast iron pipe in that intersection had multiple breaks and needed immediate repair, and saw the intersection closed to traffic for nearly a week.

According to the regional report, the high price tag was due to a number of factors, including the repair’s complexity, the extensive road restoration needed and the age of the existing watermain, which was installed in 1919.

Due to regional bylaws, staff are required to develop reports for any emergency repairs or purchases costing over $25,000.


Business count coming back

Do you own a business in Durham Region? Expect a knock on your door this spring or summer.

The region is launching its annual business count, which will gather information on the nature of all businesses in Durham, including the number of employees, growth plans, floor space and location.

“Now in its sixth year, the business count has allowed us to collect valuable data, helping us to improve the effective and efficient delivery of municipal services,” states Brian Bridgeman, the region’s commissioner of planning and economic development, in a news release.

“The information collected through this initiative allows us to assist local businesses in reaching their goals, while also helping to build a stronger local economy.”

Regional employees conducting the count will be identifiable by their navy blue Region of Durham shirts and photo ID cars.

Data collected through the count will be used for municipal planning and analysis purposes, as well as to help update the region’s and municipalities’ business directories.

Businesses also have the option to complete an online survey at