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Airports can be a positive thing

Dear Editor,

A recent letter to the Editor was entitled “Airports are part of city life” (The Express, Sept. 4).

When I read it, I could not help but to think that an airport is not necessarily a bad thing for city life, as it could be a great asset for positive economic and social contributions.

This however, requires a willingness from the political leaders to make full use of such an asset, including using the adjacent lands in a way that is appropriate, and clearly, this is often not the case in Oshawa.

The Oshawa Airport is often seen as a legacy item that is tolerated and that some would like to get rid of.  Such a lack of progressive thinking explains why we are becoming more and more a bedroom community of Toronto.

Personally, I live just across the Oshawa Creek, close to the airport,  but nowhere near the take-off areas.  Consequently, I am not affected, contrary to the future residents of the Garrard complex who will be inconvenienced as a result of the poor location of their building.

Ted Holly