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A new era for Oshawa Senior Citizens Centre

Oshawa Senior Citizens Centre executive director Sandy Black was all smiles as the organization unveiled its new logo and tagline on March 4. (Photo by Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express)

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

The Oshawa Senior Citizens Centre has listened to its patrons as it enters a new era.

Sandy Black, executive director of the OSCC, was at the John Street location to unveil their brand new logo and tagline recently.

OSCC members, as well as Ward 5 city councillor John Gray, Ward 1 regional councillor John Neal, and Ward 2 regional councillor Tito-Dante Marimpietri joined Black to unveil the new logo and tagline.

The new logo consists of three individuals, featured in the colours of blue, green and purple, within a circle.

The new tagline is, “Empowering minds, bodies, and well-being.”

Speaking to The Oshawa Express, Black says the rebrand happened because the senior centres around Oshawa have been growing over the last 50 years, as today there are five branches around the city.

“What we’re seeing is that the senior that was 55 to 65 didn’t necessarily identify with the logo that has represented us,” says Black. “Through focus groups and surveys it came out that it was a little too institutionalized and that they wanted something that was a little more upbeat.”

Black believes the response to the new logo and tagline was overwhelmingly positive.

She says OSCC officials feel the logo and tagline “really appeals to those seniors who might all of a sudden look at it and say ‘Oh yes, that is me.’”

Black notes they initially approached their board of directors more than a year ago to introduce the idea of a rebrand.

“When you look at a rebrand of an organization you have to assess risk of not branding new, and you have to take that step because the time is right,” she says.

She says the organization is aware the number of seniors in Oshawa and Durham Region is growing.

“There is a sharp incline of people ages 55 and up, the Baby Boomers, and we have to somehow capture that market share,” Black notes.

She believes the OSCC is doing a great job with seniors who are 65 and older, noting they hear everyday about how their members love the centres.

However, she said there were even more people they needed to reach.

“What we weren’t doing was bringing the new people who perhaps hadn’t heard about us before,” she explains.

According to Black, the OSCC has a combined membership total of 7,500 people, but she believes they see around 400 people coming in and out of the five branches everyday.

She says they “partake in activities, special events and of course when we have our special events, we might have a special event that includes a St. Patrick’s Day dance and dinner, and that might attract over 100. So it depends on the event.”

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