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A moral obligation to care for the marginalized

Re: “Please allow me to retort” – Letter – Aug 15, 2018

Dear Editor,

I’m surprised Mr. Shalapata’s letter only provoked two responses.

The term “nanny state” is a very negative characterization of our moral obligation to care for the socially marginalized. When services are provided at cost, access and affordability are broadened to create more opportunity throughout the social strata. Government controlled LCBO, pot dispensaries and hydro still makes a profit, but instead of going into one pocket, workers are better paid, which stimulates the economy through spending instead of hoarding. Remaining profit goes into the greater good, funding government programs.

Regarding the perversion of history: the industrial age concentrated populations in urban centres where they were able to organize and rise up against the oppression of wealth and exploitation. To say capitalism was the cause of democracy is like saying disease is good because medical science is inspired to find a cure. I don’t know where in history universal health care, public education, clean water, sewage treatment, public transit, roads, bridges and care for the environment have killed souls and crippled minds.

Democracy is supposed to be about the will of the people, that’s socialism. Capitalism (feudalism) is about extracting wealth created for the wealthy. Socialism doesn’t exclude capitalism; it limits the exploitation and harm done to those who are unable or unwilling to take more than their share.

Robert Goheen