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A focus on pants not pot

Dear Editor,

Far be it from me to tell the government what to do. They already are making it almost impossible for a smoker to smoke but they are now turning something that was illegal into something that is legal! Who’d a thunk it!! Before the government makes pot legal we seem to be having a far greater problem with young men than even with pot!! It appears that some young men wear their trousers and blue jeans underneath their butts and other people hate it!! We do not want to look at your ass because you are following a trend!!! I cannot believe that a mother or your girlfriend really likes this so please pull up your pants. You are doing far greater harm than good. That belt that you put on is to hold your pants up around the waist not underneath your butt!! I know that most of these offenders will not read this but maybe a girlfriend will and at least stop one person from doing this!

Ron Horner