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Wynne failed to help stroke survivors

Dear Editor,

The Wynne Government has revealed their latest scandal for the 2018 Ontario Election.

Since 2015, motions, bills and new healthcare law approved at Queens Park for the benefit of our young adult stroke patients have all been ignored by the Wynne Government.

The latest scandal is the Wynne Government’s refusal to properly implement new healthcare law approved in 2016  and intended to help our stroke survivors between 20 and 64 to return to work or continue their post-secondary Education.

The Wynne Government believes that they can ignore the majority will of the Legislature on many subjects. Thousands of young adult stroke survivors are suffering at the hands of the arrogant and defiant Wynne Government.

The first step in improving OHIP funded treatment for our young adult stroke patients is to remove the cancer at Queen’s Park known as the Wynne Government.  It is time for a new government at Queen’s Park who will respect the law of the land.

Our politicians are not above the law!

Just my opinion.

Jim McEwen