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A different kind of snowstorm

Dear Editor,

Oh what I wouldn’t give for a crisp winter morning right now, a chilly snow fall to bring a different kind of fun for my kids and a break from this usual fall weather.

I wish this was the snow I saw falling down on Athol Street in downtown Oshawa. Instead I was looking up at tiny particles of Styrofoam, floating down just as snowflakes would. Our street is littered top to bottom in tiny bits of Styrofoam, small enough that my kids and dog may ingest them while playing in our backyard. The normal litter that is thrown across our front lawn is the fault of ignorant passersby, but construction site litter should be the fault of the builder and The City of Oshawa.

With this extent of absolute disregard for the environment and the health of the residents, someone needs to be responsible. I invite any environmentalists down to Athol Street for a late night stroll to see our ‘snow fall,’ you may just find someone pouring paint down our sewers. 

Nicole MacLellan