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We are losing our freedom

Dear Editor,

Yesterday, April 20, 2021, we witnessed a terrible diatribe of falsehoods espoused upon the world stage by the “leader of the free world.”

Joe Biden savaged his own country as nothing more than a pack of racists. He likens the trial of the cop convicted that day of all charges laid, in the death of George Floyd as a racist act. There was nothing to show any racism in the offence at all. The cop in question was even married to an Asian woman at the time of the offence. Some racist. He was a rogue cop who likely got what he deserved, but no sign of a racist bone in his body.

Joe Biden was disgraceful in the way he condemns his own people, like Trudeau often does up here as well.

They are using the same playbook to cause dissention and unrest among the people that elected them.

If the U.S.A. was such a terrible place to live, why is the southern border choked daily with illegals streaming across to hopefully claim status as “Americans” someday? Why would anybody want to come here if it was such a terrible racist place?

It is all a big lie, promoted by the left who is controlling Biden, as he systematically dismantles the most powerful and the most democratic country in the world.

As the U.S.A. goes so will we. We are in terrible times now with a pandemic that is being used by Trudeau and Biden to accomplish their left-wing agendas with little blow back.

We soon better wake up and realize what is being stolen from us, before it is too late to recover from these two very dangerous individuals who do not have our best interests at heart.

In the U.S.A., the left wanted so badly to get rid of Donald Trump, and as soon as he was gone, other world leaders could see how weak the U.S.A. had become overnight. Sabers are now being rattled again in dangerous areas of the world for that reason alone.

Taxes will have to rise dramatically to pay for the “green new deal.” Good paying jobs disappeared on the first day, as Keystone was cancelled, to the applause of Russia, and other energy producing nations. Biden is a warmonger who sent more troops into Syria almost immediately. Trump was a peacemaker, not a warmonger, and had many signed peace deals to prove that.

Trudeau has a far-left agenda he wants to force upon us here that will destroy our grandchildren’s future lifestyle, and enslave them to the “government” for everything in life. We are losing our freedom daily, and if that is completed the way Trudeau plans to, letters like this will be forbidden in the future.

Is that the future you all want for your grandchildren? Why? Please keep our country strong and free for them. They depend upon us.

Please do not let them down. History will not be kind to those that do.

Russ Horner