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Vaccines aren’t the only way, says reader

Dear Editor,

I wonder how many remember this old refrain: “There is more than one way to skin a cat.”

In the case of COVID-19, the government would like us to believe that, in this case, no, there is only one way, vaccines.

Wrong. There are proven effective, cheap, and safe therapeutics that have been used, but the government does not want you to know this, and, along with big tech and the main stream media, continue to spread this falsehood and hide any opposing information pertaining to this fact.

Any medical expert that speaks up in favour of these treatments is immediately ostracised and threatened with loss of tenure, or future income.

Disgusting to say the least, to see these strong-armed type tactics being utilized in the medical field among those that took an oath to “cause no harm.”

Of the 600,000 deaths in the USA attributed to COVID, over 510,000 could have been saved with these cheap and plentiful drugs. So claims another expert doctor in New York State, who has been de-platformed from Twitter and Facebook because he dares to speak of his success.

When it comes to huge profits for big pharma, human life is expendable as just collateral damage.

Also, in addition to this travesty, natural immunity is never mentioned in the quest for getting every arm jabbed with unapproved as of yet, chemicals.

Millions do have immunity, but are being coerced to get the jab anyway. Even if this may cause health issues in itself.

I, like most folks, always respected the medical profession and those that served in it, but lately this exposed dirty underbelly has shattered any illusions I may have had about this industry in the past, even though I am a long-time cancer survivor, who owes his life to many in that field of endeavor.

I never wanted to become just another cynical old man in my later years, but what I see goes a long way in affecting me in this negative fashion.

Very real pity it is.

Russ Horner