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Suspect wanted in sexual assault investigation

A male suspect is wanted after a teenaged girl was touched inappropriately in Oshawa.

On May 27, at approximately 11:50 a.m., the teenaged female victim was walking on a bike path near Riverside Drive in Oshawa when an unknown man who was walking behind her approached the victim.

The man touched the teen inappropriately and when the female screamed for help, he ran away. The victim didn’t suffer any physical injuries.

Police responded and searched the area with negative results.

Investigators are looking for a suspect described as male, white, mid 30s, 6’ tall, large muscular build, brown facial hair, mid-length brown hair and a tanned complexion.

He was wearing a blue T-shirt with a logo on the front. The suspect was observed hitting his face and speaking to himself as he ran off.

If you have new information regarding this investigation, please contact D/Cst. Baldini of the Sexual Assault Unit at 1-888-579-1520 ext. 5233.