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Remember, Canada has two languages

Dear Editor,

Justin Trudeau recently added to his list of gaffes when he refused to answer in English a question put to him in English by a Canadian citizen living in Quebec at a town hall meeting!

The question was concerning the difficulties that citizen had accessing mental health information in Quebec in English, and Trudeau refuses to reply to this person in English!

He really shows his total disregard for the rest of Canada. He is a Quebecker first and foremost, and because they were in Quebec at the time, he feels there is no need to speak our other official language.

Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot, and a French-speaking citizen could not get a reply in French anywhere elsewhere in the country! There would be hell to pay! Trudeau later apologized to the individual, but only after major pushback.

He is proving to be an arrogant, pompous politician, much like his father but with much less intellect.

Russ Horner