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Reader confused over liquor stores

Dear editor,

I can’t understand why liquor stores were classified as a grocery outlet. To me this is a cash grab from the provincial government, and I don’t think that Ford is doing his duty and looking after the public in Ontario.

I think this shouldn’t be considered a necessary item. Anybody that I’ve talked to has said that the reason why they did that is for alcoholics in Ontario, which is only one per cent of the population. So we’re jeopardizing the other 99 per cent by having the liquor stores open.

The other thing is, when I spoke to a woman at a government agency, she said it was a necessary thing to do with the alcoholics. I asked, “Well, how can you tell who the alcoholics are going into the liquor stores? Do they have a big ‘A’ stamped on their forehead?”

I’ve gone by liquor stores, and they’ve got people in there all over the place. I talked to people that work in liquor stores, and they were scared to death.

I think it’s Smokey Thomas, the president of the union for the LCBO, and he got together, I think, with Ford, and they concocted this thing about keeping the liquor stores open because of alcoholics.

If they are alcoholics, they can go to grocery stores, and get beer or wine there if it’s such an important prospect for them. But other people that aren’t alcoholics are going in and buying the stuff, so how can you tell who’s an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic?

I think it’s a cash grab for the provincial government, and Ford is shirking his duty by protecting the people.

Ken Tropak