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Province unveils e-scooter pilot

The province has unveiled a five-year e-scooter pilot project that will begin next year.

According to a media release, the pilot will allow municipalities to choose whether to allow e-scooters on their roadways.

Vijay Thangisalam, Parliamentary Assistant to Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney, said e-scooters could connect commuters to transit connections, reduce congestion and open up a growing sector in Ontario.

“Ontario’s five-year e-scooter pilot will give people a new, clean and green way to get from point A to point B in their communities,” said Thanigasalam. “This pilot is another way that our government is giving consumers more choice and making Ontario open for business.”

Under the pilot, municipalities will consider whether e-scooters will be allowed on roads including parks and trails, where the vehicles can be parked, and how they are licensed. The province has set out rules for e-scooters, including helmet requirements and a minimum rider age of 16.

E-scooters must also be equipped a horn/bell and have both front and rear lights.

The vehicles are allowed in more than 125 US. cities, and under a pilot basis in both Quebec and Alberta.