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Pandemic stirs hypocrisy and fear mongering

Dear Editor,

Apparently, as I type this, Doug Ford has sensed that more and more citizens and small business owners are becoming totally fed up with, as they feel, the unnecessary lockdowns that are killing our economy, and ruining lives to “combat” a virus that only kills less than one per cent of the people that it infects! He fears a coming backlash, so is attempting to soothe the anger brewing among voters and business owners.

His whole focus seems to be aimed at this non-lethal, for most, virus, and not anything else.

He has given his authority over to non-elected bureaucrats in the medical field, instead of making the tough decisions he was elected to do.

Fear tactics have driven many to his camp because they have been indoctrinated by the media preaching doom and gloom daily on their “news reports.” On the flip side, many voters that helped him get elected will never be fooled again by his about-face concerning countering Trudeau and his attempt to change Canada totally into a socialist cum communist country by using this so-called pandemic as the tool to do just that.

The only choice for voters that can see past the rhetoric and fear mongering is the New Blue Party in Ontario, and federally, is the PPC party led by Maxime Bernier. They see the hypocrisy and lies being fed to us daily in “case counts,” which mean nothing but fear mongering, not actual “science,” nor proper data.

It will take time and much effort to combat the left-wing media propagandists, and the powerful, main stream political machines who share power at this time, but are in reality, very much the same in ideology, and leave very little choice for change in the voters’ booth.

That is why so many do not even use the freedom given to them at election time to vote, as they often say, “they are all the same anyway,” and that is often so true as we find out later after the thing is over, as we indeed did with the likes of Ford.

That can change, but it requires dedication to a common cause and belief system, and to get out the vote.

Hopefully, as more and more of us open our eyes and begin to think for ourselves, we can turn this country around.

If not, we are doomed to fail, and will lose more and more of our freedoms that our ancestors fought and died for in two World Wars and Korea.

(Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau, and his love for China’s “basic dictatorship” will see to it.

Russ Horner