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Our special day as Canadians

On this special day, we as Canadians have much for which to be thankful.

We are a safe country where people can enjoy working for decent wages, raising children in neighbourhoods with good schools, and living with enough food to eat. There are resources to get help for almost anything that’s needed. And we also have decent health care.

For the most part, we are a country that has tried to be inclusive and have set standards to make it a comfortable life. Plus, we continue to learn and adapt to necessary change as the situation evolves. We could do a lot worse if you consider global standards of living.

So, today we celebrate what it means to be Canadian and the work we have done over the years to create a fair and just society for all men, women and children.

Let’s remember our values, customs and traditions – all things that make this country what it is.

We cannot forget the strides women have made here too. The fact that women have equal rights in every respect as men has been forged over decades and is still a work in progress when it comes to equal pay. But we teach our young girls that they can take on any profession they want.

Our children are well cared for, transitioning to our school system at a young age and given all the opportunities that a good education can provide.

Canadians show respect. It’s in our nature to be polite and caring. We want everyone to have their needs met. This is shown through our extensive volunteer and charity work to help those who need it.

While most Canada Day celebrations are virtual this year because of the pandemic, you can still enjoy the day and take a moment to show pride in being a Canadian.