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Oshawa House: Keeping with tradition

Oshawa House was founded in the 1830s, and was frequented by Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A. MacDonald. It was also once called the best tavern between Toronto and Kingston.

The Oshawa House at 62 King Street West, was constructed sometime around 1838 in the Italianate architectural style.

The inn, which in 1844 was described as the best tavern between Toronto and Kingston, was a multi-purpose facility.

A large meeting hall was located on the second floor of the two-storey section, just off Centre Street. It served as the meeting place for many local groups, as well as a place for public speaking events.

The entrance to the tavern was located at the corner of the building, just off Centre Street. This entrance has since been filled in.

The entrance to the hotel was located off of King Street, where the entrance to the upper apartments and the businesses are located today.

As the oldest building in Oshawa, legacy is important, so draft beer is served.

As the anecdote goes, when the building was built, granite stone was used in the foundation to maintain the perfect cellar temperature for the best beer in Ontario.

It was said that Sir John A. MacDonald would stop here when he was traveling from Kingston or Ottawa on his way to Toronto.

The narrative was that on hot days, he would look forward to a pint at the Oshawa House and it was Upper Canada’s finest.

As a salute to John A. himself, and the many that have come through the years, Oshawa House offers a few of Ontario’s finest craft beers.

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